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Curti Lifts Services is an independent family owned British firm based out of Yorkshire, but providing quality lift services to customers across the United Kingdom. Curti Lifts can supply, install, maintain and repair passenger lifts for customers in the UK and even refurbish older passenger lifts to make sure they are in line with current access and mobility standards in the United Kingdom and have a more modern customer appeal. Curti Lifts also has spare lift parts available for customers looking for a specific part to keep a present passenger lift transporting people in a safe, reliable and cost-efficient manner. All taken care of by highly trained technicians experienced in the business of providing quality passenger lift services for customer across the country.

Curti Lifts Passenger Lift Services

You have invested a lot of time and money in your passenger lifts; therefore, regular inspections by a qualified technician with the skills and experience required are essential. Curti Lifts provides the passenger lift services needed to ensure your lifts are as safe, secure and reliable as possible. Curti Lifts has a dedicated and professional team of representatives across the country ready to ensure customers get the lift services and assistance they need. Curti Lifts also has a lift emergency call out service operating 24 hours a day and 365 days a year for your convenience and can even provide passenger lift services for other manufacturer lifts. This is great because Curti lifts have such a broad spectrum of servicemen whom will almost be able to deal with any problems that you may come across when you lift is in operation, which means if you are happy with their service then you can use them repeatedly.

About Curti Lifts

An independent family owned business providing quality lift services for customers throughout the United Kingdom, Curti Lifts have been installing, maintaining and repairing passenger lifts for years. Curti Lifts highly trained technicians and outstanding representatives are always available to talk to customers around the lift services they provide and ensure each customer is happy with the results obtained. Curti lifts are more than happy to discuss their services, before, during or after any work has been preformed so ensure you give them a call.

Company Profile

In operation since 1986, Curti lifts have built up an outstanding reputation as a wonderful service provider. They are a member of LEIA, which ensures that they always meet all the regulation standards. They guarantee that they will meet their own goals for time and quality, whilst providing high levels of assistance to ensure your company's operations are not affected as much as possible.

Curti Lifts

Curti Lift Services is located at 71 73 Moore Avenue, Wibsey, Bradford, BD6 3HJ

Telephone number: 01274 690618

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