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A family-owned British firm with a lift creating a reputation for quality and safety, Stannah Lifts is one of the top passenger lift manufacturers in the United Kingdom. Stannah Group also recently announced the manufacture of the company's 500,000 stair lift and even the Prince of Wales was on hand to mark the occasion and help celebrate the occasion. This means there are more Stannah stair lifts in homes around the world adding to the independence and safety of disabled and elderly people in their own homes than any other manufacturer, which should make their company one of the first ones that you look at if you require lift service or instillation.

Stannah Lifts Passenger Lift Services

Stannah Lifts can design, manufacture and install a passenger lift for a low to medium rise commercial or residential building for from six to roughly thirty people. Stannah Lifts Maxi lift passenger lifts can mount on a wall or supporting structure, include a choice of hydraulic or traction drive systems, both of which can be ordered a motor room-less lift in order to save building space. You can order a lift car to suit your personal colour choices and aesthetic appeal for the passenger lift you need in order to make sure people are safely, reliably and efficient transported from floor to floor in your building.

Stannah Lifts also has an option for customers looking for a passenger lift for a building with light traffic and only a couple of floors. The Midilift XLplus is designed to be the less expensive option to the Maxi lift passenger lifts. Customers looking for a durable, high-capacity passenger lift for a high traffic building, have the flexibility of Stannah Lifts Xtralift passenger lifts to use to transport people securely and reliably.

About Stannah Lifts

A family-owned British company with roots in the United Kingdom, the younger offshoots of the company have spread around the globe, since Stannah Lifts was founded over 140 years ago by Joseph Stannah. Today, Stannah Lifts is part of a world-wide enterprise, but the company is still a leading provider of all different types of lifts from escalators to service lifts.

As you can see from all of the above, Stannah Lifts is truly one of the leading providers of lift instillation and servicing around the United Kingdom.

Stannah Lifts

Stannah Lifts Holdings Ltd Group Head Office is located in Watt Close, East Portway, Andover Hampshire, England SP10 3SD.

Office Hours: Monday to Thursday: 8:00 - 17:30

Friday: 8:00 17:00

Telephone number: +44 (0) 1264 364311

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