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Swallows Lifts has been in the business of providing customers in the United Kingdom quality passenger lift design, installation and maintenance services for sixty years. During this time, the company has developed a reputation for old-fashioned attention to detail, combined with modern passenger lift innovation. It does not matter whether your company needs disability platforms for around the office, or a state of the art passenger lift to help transport people from point A to point B, Swallow Lifts can design, build and install the reliable, secure and efficient passenger lift you need.

Swallow Lifts Passenger Lift Services

Swallow Lifts specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of safe and reliable bespoke, hydraulic and platform passenger lifts. The old fashioned experience and modern innovation of Swallow Lifts engineers can design a disability platform for the home or business for the toughest customer. Swallow Lifts maintains ISO 9001/2000 standards in all passenger lift services provided and was one of the first passenger-lift service providers in the United Kingdom to be certified to OHSAS 18001 standards.

Swallow Lifts can custom design, install and maintain a safe and reliable lift to your specifications, a standard or non-standard passenger lift, a goods lift capable of carrying up to 15,000 kg, or disability access products for your home or business that will meet the current standards. Meeting the standards is important, as if you are ever pulled up by a building safety inspector then they can actually deem your building 'unfit' to use because of your lift; therefore, if you do not want to come across any problems then ensuring you receive this service is pivotal.

About Swallow Lifts

Founded by Francois Joseph Pons back in 1936, Swallow Lifts still has the old fashioned experience provided by 60 years of working in the lift business, and since this time has developed a reputation for top quality service and workmanship. The strength of the company is at the same time providing customers in the luxury property market passenger lifts that are reliable, efficient and safe to use to transport people and goods.

Today, Swallow Lifts is being operated and managed by a younger generation of family members that formed the current company in 1992, using the network and connections of the previous generations of family members that laid the foundation for the original company. Swallow Lifts has adapted to the changing passenger lift industry during this time and currently does a maximum of about 100 jobs each year for customers around the United Kingdom.

Swallow Lifts

Address: Swallow House, Unit 5 Central Place, South Norwood, London SE25 4PR.

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