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Emergency Lift Response

Making sure that a passenger lift is working 24 hours a day and 365 days a year is a job that customers often require of passenger lift service providers conducting business in the United Kingdom. This is a job that requires a service provider in the UK to offer 24 hour emergency call out service 365 days a year to ensure a passenger lift is operating safely throughout the year and reduce the risk of passengers becoming trapped inside a lift. There are a number of different emergency lift response service providers in the country that offer customers the services they need to ensure lifts are operating efficiently and reliably day to day. They have the in depth knowledge of lift systems, emergency response vehicles and scientists and engineers capable of providing an emergency lift response within hours of first receiving notification.

The Features Provided with Emergency Lift Services in the UK:
  • 24/7 call out service to repair an essential lift that is out-of-service.
  • Some lifts installed, maintained and repaired by lift providers in the UK have emergency call systems with hands free auto diallers that will call company duty engineers directly once the lift emergency alarm button is activated.
  • If your lift breaks down then it can pay to have an existing maintenance contract with a lift service provider in the United Kingdom. Customers with an existing maintenance contract often receive priority emergency lift response, and a separate number they can call that receives a much quicker response then a 'normal call'. Lift service providers in the United Kingdom will still respond to customers without service contracts that need emergency lift repair services, but this might happen only during normal working hours, or at the very least will take longer.
  • Some lift service providers in the United Kingdom can also fabricate parts that might be needed to get an out-of-service lift working and this is important when a parts supplier is not able to find the essential part required to fix a particular type or model of lift. Lift service providers offering this service are generally experts in the types of different lifts manufactured and sold in the United Kingdom and around the world.
  • Fault checking services by expert engineers to locate and fix problems before they become even more expensive to take care of is also an emergency service provided by lift service providers in the UK. This includes essential ongoing maintenance of a lift, including lubricating all the moving parts and adjusting them for maximum efficiency and safety.


Making sure lifts located in essential buildings in both private and public buildings in the United Kingdom are working safely and efficiently 24 hours a day and 365 days a year require the skills and experience of an emergency lift response team. There are also a number of emergency lift response service providers in the UK offering the lift services needed to ensure lifts keep operating safely and efficiently throughout the year.

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