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Passenger lift modernisation and refurbishment is a lift service provided by a number of different providers in the United Kingdom, for all types and models of passenger lifts being manufactured and installed. This service allows existing passenger lifts in place in buildings around the country to be updated visually to appeal to users and mechanically to the latest safety standards. Passenger lift modernisation and refurbishment also allow existing passenger lifts to be updated according to changing safety and mobility standards in the United Kingdom and the world. It can in addition give you peace of mind knowing that the passenger lifts in your buildings are up to safety standards for wheelchair users and other disabled people visiting your locations.

What is Passenger Lift Modernisation and Refurbishment?

Passenger lift modernisation and refurbishment is a lift service designed and engineered to help customers installing new passenger lifts, or upgrading existing lifts, keep the lifts they operate working safely and reliably from day to day. This service can be slightly different between lift service providers doing business in the United Kingdom. Make sure to check out features included with each service provider and any reviews of the services they offer provided by previous customers. It is also a good idea to try to create a relationship of communication and trust with the lift service provider you select for your passenger lift modernisation and refurbishment project. This relationship will make it easier to accomplish your ultimate goals and keep your passenger lift working safely and reliably throughout its lifespan.

Advantages of a Passenger Lift Modernisation and Refurbishment

Most passenger lift modernisation and refurbishment service providers in the UK will begin the process by making a detailed on-site survey of your lift. This will allow the service provider to offer recommendations for your lift modernisation that will usually be provided in the form of documents specifying the recommendations being suggested for your job.

The information on these documents will likely include things like any modifications that need to be made to the lift in order to comply with current safety and mobility standards in the country. This could also include upgrading the visual appeal of the lift car and landing doors of the passenger lift in question and enhancements to the control systems of the lift. In addition, a passenger lift modernisation and refurbishment plan could include making adjustments to the ride and speed at which the lift operates daily.


Passenger lift modernisation and refurbishment is a service provided by lift service providers across the United Kingdom. This service allows firms operating existing passenger lifts to update lifts to current safety and mobility standards. It also allows customers to give existing passenger lifts a modern visual look and reduces operating costs by making adjustments.

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