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Electric Traction Lifts

Electric traction lifts are a popular form of passenger lift used for a variety of different applications in buildings around the United Kingdom and the world. This type of lift has been growing in popularity during the last few years and can be expected to be used to lift people and cargo in a larger variety of environments and situations in the future. The evolution of electric traction lifts is continuing and in the years ahead we can expect to see a growing number of models become available for users to implement in different lifting situations.

What are Electric Traction Lifts?

Electric traction lifts are geared machines drive by AC or DC motors and a type of lift that has been increasing in use. This type of passenger lift uses gears to control the movement by attaching steel ropes over a sheave, which is attached to a gearbox. The brake used in this type of lift is usually an external drum type and is actuated by spring force and held open electrically, so that when the power fails the lift is stopped from going down further than it needs to. Electric traction lifts have cables attached to a hitch plate on top of the cab and then hooked over the sheave to give the effect of a counterweight, which is attached to the opposite end of the cables.

Where will you find Electric Traction Lifts Being Used?

Electric traction lifts are a very versatile type of passenger and freight lift used generally in taller buildings with a basement level that needs to be serviced. This type of lift is being used for a large variety of lift applications in recent years and can be expected to be seen in more and more buildings in the future.

Why is an Electric Traction Lift Popular?

Electric traction lifts are one of the more popular types of passenger and freight lifts used around the United Kingdom and world for a number of reasons. This type of lift generally has a lifting capacity of around 4 to 21 passengers and travels up and down from floor to floor at speeds of 1.0 to 1.6 metres per second. This is particularly important in taller business oriented buildings, with a large volume of people travelling from floor to floor, and the need to transport employees at the beginning and end of the workday. This type of lift is also considered to be safe and secure and the safety measures and standards in place are generally pretty high.


Electric traction lifts are a popular type of passenger and freight lift used for an amazing variety of lifting applications and environments around the United Kingdom and world. This kind of lift has a higher climbing speed than many types of lifts being implemented and can lift a large number of people or volume of cargo between floors. This kind of lift is also growing in popularity and use and can be expected to be used in more and more lifting applications in the years ahead.

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