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Inclined Platform Lifts

Inclined platform lifts use a concept in engineering and design based on the raising and lowering of a platform at a specific angle. This is similar to a vertical lift except this type of life moves at an angle and is usually designed to follow the path of a flight of stairs. This type of lift is also different from traditional lifts in that inclined platform lifts raise and lower a platform and there is no lift cab involved. Inclined platform lifts are evolving as well and during the years ahead more and more uses for this type of lift are expected to be found.

What is an Inclined Platform Lift?

An inclined platform lift is a platform lift that follows a specific angle usually determined by the angle of a flight of stairs it is designed and engineered to follow. This type of lift is available in both permanently-installed and portable models that can be taken to a destination and used to lift cargo and people.

Where will you find Inclined Platform?

Inclined platform lifts are traditionally used to lift disabled people from floor to floor in residential and commercial buildings. This type of lift is being used more for other applications in all types of buildings to allow advanced access for wheelchairs. Inclined platform lifts are also being used in industry and science to move heavy loads and equipment around and give scientists better access to all areas of a facility. You will furthermore see this type of lift being used in theatres to raise platforms and actors into place on the stage and in the background areas of the theatre.

Why are Inclined Platform Lifts a Popular Choice of Lift to Use?

An inclined platform lift is a popular type of lift to use because of several factors that have allowed this type of lift to be seen more and more around the world. This type of lift allows disabled people in wheelchairs to get around easier inside buildings, without having to use a stair lift, which can mean they will have problems getting onto the stair lift and transporting the wheelchair to the top of the stairs. This type of lift is also becoming more popular in industry and business because it can allow workers, scientists and engineers to move heavy objects from higher or lower areas in buildings.


Inclined platform lifts are popular passenger lifts designed to allow disabled individuals better access to residential, commercial and business facilities around the United Kingdom and the world. This type of lift is usually designed and engineered to follow the angle of a flight of stairs and are available in both portable and permanently-installed models. Inclined platform lifts are being used for lifting applications and in the years ahead the evolution of this kind of lift will probably allow it to be seen in more locations around the world.

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