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Machine room-less lifts are a popular type of life used in a variety of environments in both commercial and residential environments and situations. This type of lift generally has all the electrical and hydraulic equipment used in the design located within a single enclosed cabinet, which can be up to 10 metres away from the lift shaft and still achieve optimum operation. Machine room-less lifts can also be harder to service and maintain in working order according to some users and no code is currently in place for the installation in residential applications. This type of lift is a newer lift design first developed around 1996 by Kone.

What is a Machine Room-less Lift?

A machine room-less lift is a modern, compact type of passenger and freight lift used in a variety of environments and situations. This type of lift is considered to be one of the more economical, reliable and environmentally friendly lifts on the market by many users and manufacturers.

Where are Machine Room-less Lifts Used?

Machine room-less lifts are used to transport both freight and passengers between floors in both private homes and businesses around the country and world. You will find this type of lift used in apartment buildings, lower commercial buildings and in private homes around the United Kingdom and the world. In the future this type of lift can also be expected to be used for a greater variety of tasks and in more and more environments and situations, where reliability, decreased cost and protecting the environment are important factors. At present, in the United States national and local building codes do not address elevators without machine rooms, so this type of lift is not as popular to use for commercial and residential applications.

Why is a Machine Room-less Lift a Popular Type of Lift to use?

In environments and situations where a machine room is not available to use, a machine room-less lifts is the type of lift being selected. This saves space in the building for other uses and is a major reason why this type of lift is becoming more and more well-liked to use in these situations. This type of lift also uses no oil, and all the components are above ground, so it is popular with businesses and people concerned about the environment. In addition, machine room-less lifts are generally less expensive to install and use compared to other types of lifts in use today, and travel upwards and downwards at a faster rate.


A machine room-less lift is one of the more modern lifts used around the world to transport both passengers and freight between floors in low rise apartments and buildings. They are so popular because they are considered economic, highly dependable and have one of the least emission percentages of any lift. This type of lift is likely to become more well-known in the years ahead as the evolution of machine room-less lifts will probably create different models that will be safer and more reliable than the models we have now.

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