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Passenger lifts

Standard Hydraulic Lifts

Standard hydraulic lifts are a type of passenger lift that has been used in the United Kingdom and the world to lift passengers and cargo between floors in buildings for decades. The most common type of this lift used has to be the hydraulic lift, which uses an underground cylinder to help transport passengers to higher and lower floors. A newer type of this elevator was developed during the 1970s and uses a pair of aboveground cylinders to provide the ability to transport passengers between floors. The roped hydraulic elevator uses both above ground cylinders and a rope system to move the lift between floors.

Where Will You Find Standard Hydraulic Lifts?

Applications for this type of lift include low-rise apartment buildings and complexes. This type of passenger lift is even found in shopping centres, hotels and sports venues around the UK. One of the latest applications for this type of lift is to transport vehicles between floors in car parks.

Why are these Lifts so popular?

Standard hydraulic lifts are a common feature in many buildings around the world because of many important factors. This type of lift is a very cost-effective way to transport passengers and cargo between floors in the types of buildings they are used in, and they are in general easier to install in many applications. In addition, they are a versatile type of lift that can be implemented in a variety of situations and environments that other types of lifts just are unsuitable for, or the best choice to select. Recent innovations in this type of passenger lift, like permanent magnet motors, machine room-less rail mounted gearless machines and even microprocessor controls also make this type of lift a popular choice in more and more applications in industry. All of this evolution has created a standard hydraulic lift that is the finest choice for urban transport applications or the transport of freight between floors.

What is the Main Function of Standard Hydraulic Lifts?

Standard hydraulic lifts can mainly be found in low level buildings, with only a small volume of passengers. This type of lift has also been evolving during the past few decades and today they have even been designed for use in some of the tallest buildings around the world.


Hydraulic lifts are one of the first lifts designed and engineered in the world and recent innovations and evolution in the design of this kind of lift have allowed this type of lift to be used and seen in a growing number of environments and situations around the country and the world. In the years ahead this type of lift can be expected to grow in popularity and become the standard workhorse in situations where people and goods need to be transported from floor to floor in buildings in a safe and reliable way.

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