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Through Floor Lifts

A through the floor lift is similar to other types of lifts, but it is usually used to travel upward and downwards through the floor to provide easy access for wheelchair bound individuals. This type of lift can be mounted on a load-bearing wall in residential buildings, installed in a shaft in commercial environments and are even available in free standing models. Through the floor lifts are installed to meet strict standards that make this type of lift extremely reliable and safe to use, and they usually have controls to allow disabled people and the elderly to make use of their ability to move between floors.

What is a Through the Floor Lift?

A through the floor lift is a type of lift designed and engineered to allow wheelchair users and the elderly to travel through the floor of a building and gain access to the various levels. This type of lift is usually installed in situations where a stair lift or similar type of disabled lift is not suitable for installation, and they are an invaluable device that allows disabled people to live a fuller and more normal lifestyle. Through the floor lifts are also used in buildings with limited space and smaller buildings with two floors, but in the years ahead this type of lift might be designed and engineered to travel across greater distances in a building.

What Kind of Options do Through the Floor Lifts Usually Include?

Through the floor lifts manufactured and sold today come with an amazing variety of options to help wheelchair bound individuals travel from floor to floor without having to get out of their wheelchair. These options include features like power doors, larger control buttons for easier use, internal telephone jacks, a choice of several models and emergency alarms with internal battery packs in case the power goes out. They also come with safety sensors in case of obstructions, a range of colors, side panels with lights that come on when the lift is called, and they can be tailored to the architecture of the buildings they are installed in. They can as well include options like onboard diagnostic displays, rails that can be installed at an angle, fire response systems with an optical smoke detector and fail-safe systems, which make them extremely reliable and safe to use for wheelchair bound individuals and the elderly.


Through the floor lifts are one of the most reliable, safe and secure types of lifts in the world and are designed and manufactured to very strict requirement and codes. They travel between two floors in residential homes to allow the elderly and wheelchair bound people live fuller and more normal lifestyles. Available in an amazing variety of models and including a range of options and features, through the floor lifts continue to evolve and in the years ahead this type of lift will probably be seen in models that will allow transport between three and more floors in buildings.

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