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Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lifts are considered to be one of the most versatile passenger lifts on the market today, and are continuing to grow in popularity around the world. Vertical platform lifts were also in use in the Roman Coliseum, and some historians believe this type of lift was used in Ancient Greece and even Ancient Egypt. Since this time, vertical platform lifts have continued to become more reliable and today this type of lift is considered one of the safest to use.

What is a Vertical Platform Lift?

This lift is a small lift used to transport passengers vertically over short distances between floor levels in both commercial and residential buildings. Only usually capable of travelling a distance of up to three floors in a building, this type of lift is not really suitable for many lifting applications. This type of life can be installed both indoors and outdoors and can be purchased as a complete, self-contained system within its own enclosure, or can be fitted inside the shaft of a building. This type of lift is also available from a variety of suppliers around the world and a number of different gates or doors, depending on the application required.

What is the Main Function of Vertical Platform Lifts?

The main function of vertical platform lifts is for residential applications where disabled individuals need to travel between floors. This type of lift is being used for more and more lifting jobs in the last few years, especially by industries and businesses that need to allow access for physically impaired people to work, or to visit a business building. This type of lift is also used in fire engines and to lift utility workers up to street lamps, so they can make repairs, or replace lights.

Why Vertical Platform Lifts are Popular?

Vertical platform lifts are a popular type of lift because of the variety of uses and lifting applications they can be used to handle. They are also a cost effective lift solution for the disabled to use around the home because this type of life does not need a shaft, door or motor room to operate effectively. The users of the lift simply get on the platform and use the buttons provided to raise and lower it to another level. Vertical platform lifts are also becoming more and more popular to use in industrial trade as a means to lift heavy objects around.


Vertical platform lifts are a type of lift that people are beginning to see more and more in industry and residential care homes. In the years ahead, innovations could make this type of lift one of the most versatile types of lift available on the market. The main limitation at present is their limited vertical range; however, for what they are used for, currently, they are working perfectly well.

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