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Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts are available in a number of different models and types designed and engineered to allow disabled people in wheelchairs better access to residential, commercial and business facilities around the world. This type of lift is being used to give individuals in wheelchairs greater access to buses, trains, boats, planes and the list of new lifting applications for wheelchair lifts continues to grow from year to year. The safety and security of wheelchair lifts have also been improving during the past few years and today wheelchair lifts are even allowing disabled people to work in more and more environments and industries around the world.

What is a Wheelchair Lift?

A wheelchair lift is a powered device designed and engineered to raise a wheelchair and its occupant from floor to floor in buildings, or to overcome steps or some kind of vertical barrier to their movement. This type of lift is also used to lift wheelchair bound individuals in and out of cars, boats, planes, buses and trains and in the years ahead the uses for this type of lift are expected to allow disabled people to live fuller and more enjoyable lives.

Where will you Find Wheelchair Lifts Being Used?

Wheelchair lifts are being used in an amazing variety of facilities to allow disable people better access to all areas and take part in more and more activities. This type of lift can be found lifting people into cars, buses, trains, planes and boats. R innovations are even allowing wheelchair bound individuals to drive heavy duty trucks and operate machinery. Wheelchair lifts are also found lifting wheelchair bound individuals in schools, places of worship, offices, hotels, airports, subways and an amazing variety of public and private buildings around the world.

Why are Wheelchair Lifts Popular?

Wheelchair lifts are becoming more and more popular to use to allow disabled individuals access to public and private buildings because of the recognized ability of disabled people to live normal lives and do jobs that for years disabled people were not allowed to take part in because of limited access. This type of lift can easily be installed on straight and inclined staircases, low-rise vehicles, inside and outside of homes, and even staircases that change directions, have curves and intermediate landings. Wheelchair lifts are also available in models that can be powered manually and by hydraulic or battery operated systems, which makes them popular to use in an amazing variety of situations where wheelchair bound people lack access.


Wheelchair lifts are a popular type of life used to allow disabled people in wheelchairs better access to more and more buildings and vehicles and in the years ahead the lifting applications this type of lift is used for will likely grow. This type of lift is also going to evolve during this period to allow disabled people in wheelchairs become professionals in walks of life we currently believe they cannot do because of limitation due to access of wheelchairs.

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